Welcome to Autumn, beginning of the Year of the Soul.

Together, let's explore:

What is the year of the soul?

What’s this all based on?

What are my beliefs?


The major question Autumn presents us with is this: how can we begin if we haven’t let go?

It’s like trying to swim a length of the pool without letting go of the side.

It’s impossible.

  • Preparation
  • Harvesting, gathering, preserving
  • Preparing for heading into the darkness
  • Processing what’s needed and letting go of the rest
  • There is an energy of purification
  • Planting new seeds
  • Making new decisions
  • Heading in a new direction
  • Release



  • Of change
  • Of being left behind
  • Upheaval
  • Movement
  • Shifting
  • Being unprepared
  • Everything falling apart
  • Need to clear out and throw things away. Clearing of cupboards and living spaces, discarding old things
  • Purification of body, mind, soul, environment

The Autumn speaks to us, it asks us to consider:

What can we release? - Quotes - very short posts

How can we reflect? What’s gone before? - my writing, how I reflect, what my readers could do

How can we move forward? - Quotes, suggestions, short posts

How can we rejoice, respect and honour both ourselves and the season? -quotes, short posts, questions, suggestions

Other resources...


Avian spirit guide

what does crow/ raven teach?


-plants, herbs, etc ripe at this time

- their meanings and uses

-pickling, preserving of produce


How can we enjoy each season?

How can we give thanks to each seasons teachings?

What creative ways can we honour ourselves and the seasons?


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Astronomy links